Mar 13, 2018

G Suite and domain verification

The following instructions are made for those who do not have DNS hosting for their domain and want to use ISNIC’s Email Forwarding service to connect to G Suite in accordance to Google’s help page.


Log in on, select your domain and click web forwarding. Then select Google from the Email Forwarding drop-down menu. You will also need to enter any valid URL or IP address in the top field, that could be another domain you already own.


You can use the TXT method through ISNIC’s forwarding service to accomplish this. We assume you are still on the Web Forwarding page from the instructions above, and have selected Google from the list.

Go to Google’s help page (Add a TXT verification record (any domain host)) about domain verification and find your unique TXT record. Note that the code includes “google-site-verification=” and then is followed by 43 random characters, see an example:


Copy the entire text into the TXT record field on the web forwarding page. You can run Google's verification test now, but take note that it may take up to a day for Google to see the changes to the domain. After the domain has been verified you can remove the TXT record from the web forwarding page.

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