Jan 25, 2020

Bluehost domain verification

It is easy to verify your .is domain at Bluehost. In this guide we assume your domain is on ISNIC's parking or forwarding servers, rather than hosted elsewhere. If your domain is hosted elsewhere, however, you can still make use of this guide.

Get an IP for A record validation

According to the Bluehost instructions they support four different ways to validate a domain. The method we will use here is the A record method. Bluehost gives you the IP address for the A record when you access "Assign Domain."

Select Addon Domain in the next step, where you can choose between Addon, Parked and Unassigned Domain.

Configure the A record

Next up is going to isnic.is, you login, click the domain, choose "Web Forwarding", and insert the IP from Bluehost in the top text field (IP address). Submit the changes.

Delegate your domain to Bluehost nameservers

Within an hour Bluehost should have seen the change and set the domain up on their nameservers. Then you can go back to isnic.is, click your domain, choose "redelegate" and insert ns1.bluehost.com and ns2.bluehost.com. That's all it takes! :-)

Note: If your domain is already being used for e-mail, you should take care to also input your current e-mail settings (MX records) into the Web Forwarding form in the Configuration step, otherwise your e-mail may stop working. You will also need to configure equivalent records in the Bluehost DNS, after redelegation.

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