Cumulative number of domains and number of domains registered each year

The first domain was established in ccTLD IS in 1986, but formal domain registration began in 1989, as Iceland became officially part of the Internet. See also historical statistics on the number of registered hosts in Iceland.

Below is the total number domains registered as well as the number of currently active domains registered each year since 1989.

Number of active domains by registration month

Net number of new domains per month

Green is net number of domains, red is registered(+) and blue is unregistered(-)

Number of new domains by registration day

Red is total new registrations, green is IDN domains and blue is the number of domains deleted on that date.

Registration month

Number of active domains, registered in each month of the year. Green is this year, red is last year and gray is older:

Domains registered to individuals

March 1999 the IS ccTLD charter was changed to allow individuals to register domains directly. Here is the number of such registrations from the beginnig.

Domains registered to foreign registrants

Red bars represent the ratio of total domains registered to foreign registrants.

Domain administration

Following are statistics on the various aspects of domain administartion services performed by ISNIC:

New Registrations

Registration changes

Any change made to the domain registration, including delegation changes, but excluding transfers.

Domains put on hold

Number of domains put on hold. Domains are put on hold when renewal fee is unpaid past due date or if the domain is not hosted properly on its nameservers.

Reactivated domains (i.e. after being on hold)

Deleted domains

Transferred domains (from one registrant to another)

Parked and forwarded domains

Number of parked (red) and forwarded (green) domains

Number of nameserver registrations

Domain names

Domain names (labels) can be 1 to 63 letters

Companies hosting .IS domains

Percentage of .IS domains hosted by the largest hosting companies (top 10 only):

Number of domains

Number of domains since 1990 and a updated forcast for the next few years:

The following is a attempt to predict the number of .is domains by the year 2030. The prediction was made in july 2010, based on the data available then:

Internet Iceland Inc / Marķus Ólafsson