Nov 17, 2010

Nov 17, 2010

Quality Laws for quality domains

The Icelandic ministry of Communications has proposed a new law concerning the country code top level domain .is. The proposed new law also covers any future top level domains that in some way reference or are related to Iceland . For almost 25 years (since, the first .is domain was registered) the rules of ISNIC have been applied to the registration of .is domains. They will continue to apply but in the future (if the proposed bill is signed into law) will be backed up by laws and regulations.

ISNIC encourages the registrants of .is domains to study the proposed bill, and accompanying comments. Proposed new law about .is (in icelandic)

ISNIC has several reservations, but it is our wish that the new law will result in better protection for the registrants and preservation of the quality of the .is neighborhood. ISNIC has proposed amendments to better protect the independence of the domain, as an address on the internet, but not regulate and restrict so as to limit future development.

ISNIC is also of the opinion that questions regarding content stored on websites are unrelated to the domain itself. Domains are first and foremost addresses on the Internet. Domains as such do not have any content.

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