Fees for optional services

The below charges are effective since August 24, 2018:

Lost two factor authentication key €80.00
ISNIC charges fee for manually verifying who the contact is when two factor authentication key is lost.

Registered agent annual fee: €96.00

Registered DNS service provider annual fee: €192.00.
See What is a DNSP or ISP?

EPP access: €0.
See EPP manual

Appeals fees. ISK 100.000 kr. (exclusive of VAT)
The Board of Appeals judges if the issue at hand is within the Boards jurisdiction. If the Board has jurisdiction an additional fee of ISK 100.000 kr. (exclusive of VAT) shall be paid before the Board takes the issue forward for decision. The initial fee is non-refundable.

Dispute Lock Fee. ISK 25.000 kr. (exclusive of VAT)

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