Fees for optional services

The below charges are effective since March 1, 2021:

Lost two factor authentication key €80.00
ISNIC charges fee for manually verifying who the contact is when two factor authentication key is lost.

Registered agent annual fee: €96.00

Registered DNS service provider annual fee: €192.00.
See What is a DNSP or ISP?

EPP access: €0.
See EPP manual

Board of appeals fee.
Non-refundable fee of ISK 149.000 (including VAT) to be paid before board of appeals carries out decision. If the Board of Appeals decides the decision requires 3 members the fee is ISK 298.000 (including VAT).
See rules about board of appeals

Domain dispute lock fee. ISK 30.000 (exclusive of VAT)
See rules about dispute lock

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