Feb 24, 2012

Feb 24, 2012

RIX accepts 10GB connections

RIX (Reykjavik Internet Exchange) is an peering exchange point operated by ISNIC, the .is Registry in Reykjavik. There are two connection points, one in Dunhagi 5 (on the University of Iceland grounds) and one in Höfðatún 2. Anyone with their own AS number and IP network can connect.

ISNIC has deployed 10GB switches in both location and they'll be interconnected in the very near future. By connecting the local Internet Service Providers, ISNIC takes an active role in improving the local internet community by increasing the possible speed between providers with 10GB options.

The RIX is a not-profit part of ISNIC's operation and the increase to 10GB prompts the first increase in the connection rates for years!

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