Apr 13, 2012

Apr 13, 2012

Review your domain registration regularly

The "Whois" search window (top-right) is a very useful item on this page. If you lookup your domain, you will see all pertinent information about it there; the registrant, the contacts, the hosting information and the DNS provider. A domain is just the last part with the .is suffix - not the www.

The NIC-handle is your "username" or "login" for the ISNIC web portal. Please remember, it's the registrants responsibility to review and maintain the information about the domain, and the Administrative Contact is the person who usually carries out this task. All operations are on this website and are carried out by one of the contacts, who each have slightly different privileges. Technical and billing contacts cannot transfer or delete your domain. Only the Administrative Contact can change all information.

Most people forget their password. Use "Lost Password"  to create a new password for your NIC handle if you have forgotten yours. The "Lost Password" link is sent to the e-mail address registered for the contact.  Note that an incorrectly configured spam filter may put this message in your spam folder, so please check that.




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