Apr 25, 2012

Apr 25, 2012

Safe and secure ".is"

ISNIC is responsible for the safe and fair operation of the top level domain ".is". ISNIC maintains a high technical reliability of all .is-domains around the world. On this website ISNIC provides a web based registration system for administering .is-domains for everyone.

To support .is domains, ISNIC provides a network of high quality name servers distributed around the world. ISNIC's service has a reputation of fairness and 100% Domain-Name-Server (DNS)uptime for 25 years.

The domain hi.is (University of Iceland) is one of the oldest domains in the world, registered on December 11th 1986 by SURIS, the forerunner of ISNIC, even though the ccTLD .is itself was registered almost a year later on November 18. 1987 at IANA.

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