Aug 28, 2012

Aug 28, 2012

VID (Very Important Domains)

ISNIC is always evolving the registration of .is domains. A very important change, which is designed to increase the security of .is domains further, is being planned. This includes being able to mark domains as "very important domains", or VID.

VID's will get special treatment, especially regarding rights and renewals. So called VID insurance means that a VID's registration never expires accidentally. It will also be harder to transfer VID's to new registrants, since it will require confirmation from the registrants themselves, either digitally or a signed confirmation.

To prepare for this change, domain registrants are asked to update the registrants email at ISNIC, which can be done under "Modify Registration" on My Page. Only the administrative contact can edit the registrant information. In the fall, all administrative contacts and registrants with a registered email address will get an email where these changes will be explained in detail.


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