Feb 1, 2013

Feb 1, 2013

Workshop day, no phone support

ISNIC's phoneservice is closed today, friday, March 1. due to a Workshop.

Our service is a "self service" and any normal domain issue, such as renewal, invoice retrieval, change billing contact, registrant transfer, domain redelegation, forwarding and parking a domain, can all be performed directly on our website.

Please use our new search/login window (here above) to locate your NIC handle (login information) and password reset options if you have problems logging into the system.

We are constantly increasing our on-line services, and recommend that everyone should be familiar with it, and also review your domains registration. Negligence can cost you your domain. One security tool, is automatic renewal with credit card, which renews your domain automatically 60 days before it expires. Summer vacation is another problem area, where the renewal notice may become lost or unseen during the time the contacts are away from their e-mail.


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