Aug 19, 2014

Aug 19, 2014

Nameserver Registration

Please note that all nameservers, used to host .is-domains, must be registered with ISNIC.

If the nameservers, on which you wish to host your .is domains, are not already registered with ISNIC, you must ask your your hosting company, i.e. internet service provider, to register them with ISNIC. This is done  here: The registration is of course free of charge.

Your service provider then automatically becomes your domain's "Zone Contact" towards ISNIC. The Zone Contact must have full authority over the nameservers, and be both willing and able to remedy all technical problems with all .is-domains hosted on his nameservers.

Please read ISNIC's tech. requirements and see where to Register nameserver by ISNIC if you intend to host and serve .is-domains, one of the most secure and clever Top Level Domains (TLD's) on the internet.

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