Aug 28, 2013

Aug 28, 2013

Postal fee introduced

Today ISNIC began levying a special fee of €2.0 for printing and sending out bills via conventional mail.

Receiving paper bills via conventional mail is optional and users can select not to receive any such bills, thus avoiding these charges. ISNIC assumes that non-domestic billing contacts elect not to receive bills via conventional mail, only by email. If a registrant needs paper based bills, he can instruct the billing contact to change the default setting.  See the "Cancel paper" option under "My settings".

As before, ISNIC will not charge any transaction fee for those that choose to pay via online baking (mostly domestic users). We still recommend all to pay and renew via credit card by using ISNIC's automatic renewal for security.  

Electronic versions of bills and charging summaries are made available to the billing contacts via the ISNIC web after login.

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