Jan 21, 2014

Jan 21, 2014

Thousands of new top level domains

New top level domains (TLDs) have started to flood the domain market. A few examples of these new TLDs are: .academy, .cab, .carreers, .center, .company, .computer, .construction, .contractors, .diamonds, .directorym, .domains, .enterprises, .kitchen, .land, .limo, .management, .photos, recipes, .sexy, .shoes, .systems, .tattoo, .technology, .tips, .today and .voyage to name a few.

Many have predicted that the decision by ICANN/IANA to open up registration of new TLDs would inflict dramatic changes to the internet. Others point out that this is not the first time that new TLDs have been introduced (.museum, .biz, .xxx, .job, .info, .pro), which to date have made very little impact at all. One thing's for sure, the changes now are bigger than we've ever seen before and the uncertainty and possibilities are therefore greater.

Internet á Íslandi - ISNIC does not have any plans to service or register other TLDs than .is, but ISNIC will, like all established registries, have to adapt to these great changes. In our opinion, these new TLDs open up new possibilities as competition grows. ISNIC will continue to offer a safe and secure DNS service with high technical standards. We've already seen that these new TLDs have caused many registries to open up their registrations and relaxed some of the more inhibiting registration requirements.  ISNIC will continue to grow foreign .is registrations, as it has done these last few years. That is unavoidable, mainly due to the small size of the domestic market in Iceland.  Some people find this regrettable and maintain that ccTLDs should first and foremost be for the domestic population and businesses. Others say that any such local-precense requirements is contrary to the spirit and nature of the internet, which is why limitations of that nature are slowly disappearing.

One thing is for sure, there will only be one .is and it is arguably one of the most beautiful TLDs on the internet.

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