Dec 17, 2014

Dec 17, 2014

Domain as a Christmas Present - a true story

This is an actual conversation from last Monday, copied from ISNIC's Web-chat:

rep: Hello how may I help you?

customer: Good afternoon, I need some advice. I want to give someone a .is-domain as a Christmas present, but I worry he will find out if he gets an email from ISNIC.

rep: There is no need to worry, just put your email instead of his/her in first, and then change it after he/she has opened the present.

customer: So, even if I register him as the owner, he won't receive an email?

rep: No, not as long as you don't register his/her email address to begin with.

customer: Ok, good. How long does it take to be ready after I register the domain?

rep: New domains will appear every 20 min. or so. So the waiting time is max 20 min after registration is complete. Just remember to change the email address after Christmas.

customer: Ok great, just one more question :) How much is the cost for me, and will I be charged automatically next year or can he overtake the bill then?

rep: The annual fee, your total cost, is €29.90. You only need to uncheck the automatic renewal option and he will get a reminding email in a year from now.

customer: Ok, so he will not come into any problems or cost if he decides not to renew the domain?

rep: No. ISNIC will credit the bill for renewal and delete the domain automatically if no payment is received.

customer: Ok, thanks for the assistance, I am going to do it!

rep: Thank you too. Too bad we can't rap the domain in Christmas paper and send you!

customer: he he

Chat closed...


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