Jan 7, 2015

Jan 7, 2015

Good DNS hosting companies comply with ISNIC's technical req.

More and more companies and people outside Iceland are using ".is" domains. Some of them are not familiar with ISNIC's technical requirements. One of these requirements is the 24 hour TTL (time-to-live) rule for NS records (as opposed to the common/default 1 hour or even smaller TTL). If your DNS hosting company does not allow you modify the TTL of individual records in your zone, you need to find a hosting company that does. You need to ask them to register their nameservers with ISNIC. This registration is free of charge and most DNS providers respond quickly and register as they want to keep you as their happy customer.

We belive pepople are not only registering under .is because it's a nice and beautiful domain, but also because they know that strict technical requirements, robust and secure DNS service, and an accurate Whois information are important to the thrustworthyness of all .is-domains. Reed about the importance of the TTL (time to live) record in our recent article on this topic here.

ISNIC the .is Registry. 

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