Jan 27, 2015

Jan 27, 2015

Month of Þorri (Thorri)

A small Viking figure is now looking over the ISNIC's logo as we now have the month of Þorri (Thorri). Þorri is the mid-winter month acording to the Icelandic (old Norse) Calander. The following two months after Þorri are Góa and Einmánuður, the last month of winter. During Þorri organised celebrations, named Þorrablót, are held in towns and clubs in Iceland. It is a feast where the old traditional Icelandic food is served. The food has most often been processed for preservation in reminder of the times during winter when fresh food supplies were scarce.

Þorri is the man's month, starting with a day dedicated to men (Bóndadagur). The custom is that wifes should take especially good care of their husbands on "Bóndadagur" (Mensday). In many homes in Iceland that is still the case.

The following month Góa is the month of women, starting with Women's Day (Konudagur). The tradition of honoring Women's Day is more prevelant than Bóndadagur and is celebrated in many Icelandic households.

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