Jun 2, 2015

Jun 2, 2015

Recently deleted domains published on Twitter

Last few weeks ISNIC has published a list of recently deleted domains on Twitter, so that interested parties could register them sooner. Historically, ISNIC did send out lists of recently deleted domains to those who requested it, but that practice was stopped because of objections from angry registrants that had lost their domains by mistake. This was in the early days of the Internet and not everyone had adopted to it. Now the times have changed, but ISNIC still has the same old rule of waiting 60 days from the time the domain is put on hold until it is deleted and free to register by anyone. By that time, 105 days will have passed since an invoice was issued for the renewal of the domain.

In 2014, the number of new .is domains registered was 9.773 and the number of deleted domains was 5.356. ISNIC's calculated loss from having to wait 60-105 days from the time an unpaid domain is put on hold, until it is open to register again is therefor great. ISNIC is currently reviewing whether to shorten this time according to standard practices with other registries of top level domains. ISNIC will continue to publish recently deleted domains on Twitter, which has been met with only positive response, especially from the "domain merchants". This is though by no means a complete list of deleted .is-domains. ISNIC's Twitter posts are unregular and limited to domains we find interesting.

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