Jan 11, 2016

Jan 11, 2016

DNS Hosting Problems with Bluehost

Once again all .is domains delegated to DNS service with Bluehost are in trouble. One of the two authoratitive nameservers that Bluehost uses to host .is domains does not reply to queries regarding any of them and in fact appears to be completely disconnected from the network. This nameserver has now been disconnected for three weeks.

Registrants and contacts of .is domains now get copies of weekly complaints that ISNIC sends automatically to Bluehost to warn about this problem. Unfortunately Bluehost does not admit to the problem, and replies to service requests with incorrect and incomplete information as to the nature of the problem, it's reasons and it's consequences for the DNS service to these domains.

ISINC's only recourse in this matter is to encourage registrants of .is domains that are currently delegated to Bluehost to seek alternate DNS services, as soon as possible, to avoid their domains being suspended automatically, due to a techincal non-compliance with our (internet's) basic technical requirements.

See also #bluehostdown on Twitter.


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