Jan 25, 2017

Jan 25, 2017

.IS domains for the world

The beautiful ccTLD .IS has been in use for 30 years this year (since 1987).  It's the Country Code Top Level Domain of Iceland (icelandic: Ísland) with just over 60.000 registrations. Of these, 70% are domestic, 9% from USA, 3% from Germany, 2% from Norway, another 2% from Great Britain, and the rest has a home address in about 100 countries world wide. It is truly an International Domain, although being a true Viking still rooted in Iceland.

ISNIC (IS Network Information Center) is the Registry (Top Level Domain Operator) for the ccTLD ".is", and manages the Registration System, the Registrant (WHOIS) Database, and the DNS Servers for the .is zone. ISNIC welcomes every customer who has genuine, legitimate interest in having a clever and good looking .is address for a website, email, or other services on the Internet. We discourage registration via Proxy Services, unless the proxy uses a legitimate registered corporation with a real physical address. We do not allow false or inaccurate domain registrations, but we allow individuals to withhold their address from our Public Registrant Database (WHOIS).

.is Domains can be registered for up to five years–first only for one year–but can then be renewed (right away) for additional four years. This is to give the new Registrant an important moment to re-think, before paying out the fee for five years (EUR 149.5) which is non-refundable.

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