Apr 18, 2018

Apr 18, 2018

GDPR compliance of .IS contacts

Dear ISNIC's service provider, EPP and SOAP user.

ISNIC is working hard on it's GDPR compliance these days and we need you to check your procedures.

As you know from our latest news item, names, addresses and phonenumbers of all domain contacts (NIC-handle) classifed as  persons will by default be withheld from ISNIC's public Whois before May 25th.

We need you to make sure your client's contacts (NIC-handles) are correctly classified (person vs role) before we make this change, before May 25th.

All personal NIC-handles of .is domains should be classifed as person. All others should be classified as role.

NOTE - Those using our depreciated SOAP API to create or transfer .is domains will need to change over to using EPP before October 1 2018.


ISNIC the .is Registry




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