Sep 26, 2019

Sep 26, 2019

Issues forwarding e-mail to Google resolved

Updated 2019.10.10:

The ISNIC Email Forwarding service has been updated to meet Google's changed requirements (see below). In the process, we have improved and simplified the forwarding service significantly, adding direct support for a few other popular e-mail service providers.

We are now publishing all required MX records for pre-existing Email Forwarding users who use GMail. Note that these additional records are not visible in the ISNIC forwarding user interface, the addition happens "behind the scenes" in the DNS service itself.

The new records can be seen and verified by using tools such as dig or MX Toolbox.

We have also improved the way the Forwarding service handles TXT (and in particular SPF) records; it is no longer necessary to manually quote ("...") such records in our user interface, instead the quotes are now added automatically at the back-end.

Original post, 2019.09.26: Google rejects e-mail forwarding for new domains

Google's requirements for using custom domains with Gmail recently changed. Now they require four MX records, where they used to only require one.

The ISNIC forwarding service does not currently meet these requirements. As a result, attempts to configure new domains with e-mail forwarding to Gmail are currently being rejected by Google. The change is not retroactive and does not appear to impact existing configurations.

We are working to enhance the ISNIC forwarding service so it meets Google's new requirements. When this work is complete, we will also update the configuration for older domains which currently forward their e-mail to Google.

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