Mar 16, 2020

Mar 16, 2020

Forwarding service goes global

Last week ISNIC completed the launch of a new network of DNS- and web-servers for those .is domains using our Parking or Forwarding services.

The popularity and importance of our Forwarding service has been increasing steadily since we first launched the service. A steadily growing number of customers relies on the service to drive traffic to their websites and route their e-mail to the right servers.

We felt it was time to raise the bar and protect our users against a wider range of potential problems. The way we accomplish that, and the main distinction of this new system, is it better distributes the traffic across the wider Internet. We now have DNS- and web servers in Europe and North America, in addition to the servers we have always operated in Iceland. We also added DNS servers in Asia to dramatically improve response times for people in Asia and Oceania.

These improvements guarantee that even if Iceland's internet connectivity is disrupted, the rest of the world will be able to look up and make contact with domains using the ISNIC Forwarding service.

The system monitoring was also improved and made more global, by leveraging the RIPE Atlas network we now continuously track our response times and availability from all over the globe. And of course changes were made under the hood, to facilitate future enhancements and features.

As is often the case with internal changes like this, our customers should see little difference, aside from reduced latency when looking up Forwarded domains from outside Iceland.

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