Sep 19, 2007

Sep 19, 2007

Dot IS now easier to register

Foreign registrants of .IS domains have until now been required to confirm their ownership of the corresponding trademark at the Icelandic Patent Agency (Einkaleyfastofa) before the domain can be registered. This requirement has now been lifted.

Foreigners can now, just as Icelanders, register any .IS domain they please. Foreign nationals, however, are still required to identify a domestic contact person. This is a practical arrangement established to facilitate ISNICs ability to contact the domains supervisors. Rule no. 2.3.1. has been changed in accordance with the above mentioned, and rule no. 2.3.2. which stipulated dispensations from rule 2.3.1. has been nullified. After these changes all are equal in relation to the rules of ISNIC.

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