Feb 16, 2021

Feb 16, 2021

RIX upgraded to 100Gbs

The RIX (Reykjavik Internet eXchange) has grown, and a new PoP has been added. The new PoP is in Múlastöð (The "Hotel"), Ármúli 25 in Reykjavik, in a facility operated by Míla.

At the same time we've added a second switch in Tæknigarður, and we now offer 100Gbs connections – both at Tæknigarður and at Múlastöð. The old switches had a maximum connection speed of 10Gbs.

All the PoP's in RIX are inter-connected, so parties can peer with everyone connected to RIX, regardless of which PoP they are connected to.

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