Oct 12, 2022

Oct 12, 2022

Third Anycast Cloud for ".is"

ISNIC systems administrators recently completed the deployment of a third anycast DNS cloud to handle DNS requests related to the Icelandic national top level domain ".IS". We have chosen the "RcodeZero DNS" service from our colleagues at NIC AT GmbH. This is an exchange agreement between ISNIC and NIC AT, a company similar to ISNIC, whom we know well.

ISNIC's part in the partnership entails providing and hosting RcodeZero DNS server equipment in Iceland. Due to the geographically remote location of the country, the cooperation is particularly useful for Internet users on both sides of the Atlantic. The other two anycast DNS clouds, which have been handling the .IS for a long while already, are the Swedish Netnod, and the PCH (Packet Clearing House). Many hundreds of servers are now responsible for responding to DNS queries about .IS domains around the world.

Here is the news item about the cooperation at RcodeZero's website

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