May 30, 2023

May 30, 2023

ISNIC stops sending invoices by snail mail

ISNIC has decided to stop printing and sending invoices by the Icelandic Post. Customers who have chosen to receive invoices with the old method should make sure that the email address is correctly registered with ISNIC so that the invoice for the annual domain fee is guaranteed to reach them, and also to register a mobile number with ISNIC so that it will be possible to send out a warning by sms.

There are several reasons for this decision: 1. The price has increased a lot recently and now amounts to ISK. 290.- 2. An increasing number of letters are being sent back due to incorrect addresses. 3. Electronic invoices have become common or are even a requirement – e.g. at public bodies. 4. And most importantly, for the environment.

ISNIC apologises to those who have relied on receiving invoices by the Icelandic Post. Those who do not use a credit card will still receive a statement in their home bank and the invoice will, as before, be sent by email.

The sending of invoices by "snail mail" will be completely stopped on June 1. 2023.

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