Jun 26, 2023

Jun 26, 2023

Now possible to renew multiple domains at once!

Earlier this month, we announced the possibility of registering multiple .is domains simultaneously on a single invoice. Building upon that development, we have taken it a step further. It is now possible to renew multiple domains at once on a single invoice on isnic.is.

When renewing a domain through "My page" on isnic.is, the domain is now placed in a basket where clients can add multiple domains for renewal. In the next step, clients can choose their preferred billing method and renew all the selected domains simultaneously, receiving just one invoice for the transaction.

This update is particularly advantageous for clients who have numerous registered .is domains. Regardless of the individual due dates of these domains, you can now renew them all at once, simplifying the renewal process and ensuring ease of management.

Regards, ISNIC

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