Jul 31, 2008

Jul 31, 2008

Dot IS now open 24/7

You can now register and pay for a secure .IS top level domain by creditcard, and register your older domains into automatic and secure renewal.

Registration process in six easy steps:

1. Select Contacts -> Register, from the menu, if you are a new user.
If are already a registered user you can enter your domain name in the Whois search field, top right hand corner. The result displays the NIC handles related to the domain. Use your NIC handle to login to the ISNIC web or submit a request for lost password.
2. If you have an ISNIC email for a new password, follow the URL and the instructions. You are now logged in and can register domains. If you want to register a .is domain you must enter correct contact information on the domain's registrant. This is a prime issue and makes .is domains highly trustworthy and secure. If you wish to be anonymous, you should not register .is domains.
3. Select Domains -> Register from the menu. Insert the domain name, including the .is ending. Type this correctly, since the domain will be registered according to what you type here. Click Submit and continue.
4. Select your hosting provider or insert your own nameservers. Choose Parking if you do not have a provider yet.
5. Enter the information about the registrant, all Icelandic registrants should have a ID number. Foreigners should enter their address information and must specify an icelandic administrative contact. See Domain->Agents for a list of possible agents.
6. Payment information can be entered directly after this. Alternatively continue with any of the deferred payment options, your domain is queued for registration. Note that payment is only deferred for two days, after that the domain becomes available again.

Your domain should be visible undir 'My Page' with the registration status and payment status. You can also finalize payment there. After the payment has been verified the domain will be registered within 60 minutes. Creditcard payments are verified automatically.

ISNIC (Internet in Island AG) is the Registry for the Top Level Domain .IS.

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