11. mar. 2010

11. mar. 2010

.IS amongst the most secure top level domains in the world

A recent report published by McAfee, "Mapping the Mal Web" 2009, states that the ccTLD ".is" is amongst the 10 most secure domains in the world. There is only a 0,3% chance of a malicious .is domain involving viruses or other forms online threats.

The report paints a dark picture of the state of some top level domains (TLD's) and more than 100% increase in the number of risky domains in the world. As before the situation is most serious in Asia and the city of Shaoxing in China is known as the virus capital of the world. The Chinese authorities have cracked down on this issue and over a period of several months have removed 5,7 million .cn domains, or about 78% of the entire .cn-zone!

In Europe the worst hit is Romania (.ro) with about 21% chance of landing on an infected domain in the .ro-zone. It is thus best to proceed with caution when opening email or websites from these domains unless you are sure of its contents.

Source: CENTR, McAfee, Wikipedia.

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