15. nóv. 2012

15. nóv. 2012

ISNIC's Timeservers

ISNIC has installed a professional grade NTP server (time0.ntp.is). NTP Clients and servers can therefore access a stratum 1 timeserver in Iceland. The timeserver is GPS based, and retrieves it's information from an antenna located on the top of the office tower where ISNIC's office is located. ISNIC provides a seperate timeserver, which is a member of the pool.ntp.org project, and is directly and immediately accessible to anyone who installs a Linux or FreeBSD OS automatically.

If you use native IPv6 and are located in Iceland, you can use 2.is.pool.ntp.org in your configuration to make sure you're accessing the local IPv6 address of the server as a first choice, otherwise you can use is.pool.ntp.org in your timeserver configuration.

Operating a public NTP service is a long term project, which strengthens and improves the domestic internet. Access to an accurate and not so distant timeservers is very important for many of the services operated on the internet, and on your network. The clock can be viewed on https://www.isnic.is/is/ntp

ISNIC's System Administrator, Mr. Björn Róbertsson, has implemented the NTP service.

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