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Dec 21, 2018 - Happy holidays – feliz navidad

Happy holidays – feliz navidad

ISNIC wishes registrants of .is-domains worldwide, and all other customers, happy holidays and a wonderful new year of 2019.

ISNIC's office, i.e. a hands on service, will be closed over the holidays (incl. 25. and 26.) We will be here again, in person, on Thursday December 27th.

Holiday Greetings,

ISNIC's staff :).


Aug 6, 2018 - Merchants Weekend

Merchants Weekend

Due to 'Verslunarmannahelgin' (Merchants Weekend) first weekend in August, ISNIC's office is closed on Monday but opens again on Tuesday at 09 AM. Domains can be registered and renewed 24/7 with a credit card. To login or find your NIC-handle (user name) please type one of your domain name in the search window (above) and log in from there, or click on 'Lost Pass Word' located by your email address and proceed from the email you've received from ISNIC Hostmaster.

Have a nice long weekend and please drive carefully.

ISNIC's Staff.

Apr 18, 2018 - GDPR and ISNIC's Whois service

GDPR and ISNIC's Whois service

[P.s. this was deployed on April 23th.].

To comply with the European GDPR Directive, ISNIC will, before May 25th, stop publishing names, addresses and telephone numbers of personal contacts by default  from the ISNIC WHOIS database. 

Customers (individuals) who wish to continue to publish their information, must log in, go to "My Settings" and select "Name and Address Published". 

ISNIC will however, at least for the time being, continue to publish email addresses, country  and techincal information of all NIC-handles associated with .is domains.  Those customers (individuals) who have recorded a personally identifiable email address, and do not want it published, will need to change their .is WHOIS email address to something impersonal.

Assuming that GDPR directive applies fully to the "WHOIS" service provided for decades by most ccTLD registries, these new restrictions will lead to less transparency in domain registrations and less trust in the domain registration system in general. ISNIC, as many others, strongly disagrees with the view of the European parliament in this matter and warns that GDPR, as it is being implemented, will neither lead to better privacy nor a safer network environment.

For the sake of the internet community, e.g. Individual users, Service Providers, Hosting Companies, and many other stake holders, ISNIC will continue to publish email addresses and the country name of all contact types until further notice. 




Feb 14, 2018 - .is shortens it's grace period

.is shortens it's grace period

The grace period (i.e the period from when the domain is suspended until it is deleted) for .is domains has been 60 days from the beginning. This period will after April 1st. 2018 be shortened to 30 days, counting from the renewal date.

The reason for this is simply to get deleted domains one month sooner back on the market, and to align the .is domain rules to international conventions. After this change ISNIC will also inform the registrant precisely when the domain will be deleted, regardless of any holidays. This means that the so called holiday rule (.is domains  never deleted on holidays) will also be abandoned.

The third reason for this change, and perhaps the most important one, is to increase automation and enabling ISNIC to maintain stable registration and renewal fees in spite of cost increases.


Dec 22, 2017 - Feliz Navidad - Happy Holidays

Feliz Navidad - Happy Holidays

ISNIC wishes registrants of .is-domains and all other customers worldwide happy holidays and a woderful new year of 2018.

ISNIC's office and hands on service will be closed over x-mas. We will be here again, in person, on Wednesday 27th.

Greetings, ISNIC staff.

.is Domain name registration

ISNIC - Internet á Íslandi hf. manages the registry for the .is country-code top-level domain according to the principles specified in the registration rules of .is domains.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure the security, efficiency and transparency of the domain delegation and registration process. The registration of a domain confers rights to the use of the domain name according to ISNIC rules at any time but does not confer ownership of the domain.