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Nameserver Requirements

Nameservers hosting Icelandic domains (.IS domains) must comply with all of the following requirements:

  1. Nameservers must allow connection to UDP port 53, and to TCP port 53 as well (see RFC5966 ).
  2. Nameserver must be consistently registered in DNS, i.e. its own A/AAAA resource record must be available.
  3. Namesever name can only contain ascii letters, digits, hyphen and periods.
  4. For nameservers within the .IS zone, the following also applies:
    1. Hostname can not be numeric only (i.e. (See: RFC1035 RFC1123 RFC1912 ).
    2. The name of the nameserver must be fully qualified (i.e. the canonical name of the machine the nameserver is running on).
  5. The nameservers must be registered with ISNIC.