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25th anniversary of .is delegation

The 18th of November 2012 marks the 25 year anniversary of IANA's delegation of the .is ccTLD to Internet á Íslandi hf. (ISNIC), or rather it's predecessor, called SURIS. The .is registration information can be found here.

ISNIC has already presented  the Icelandic internet community with two gifts on this anniversary year; A new stratum 1 NTP time server ( has been established, open to the domestic internet, and the Reykjavík Internet Exchange (RIX) has been upgraded to support 10 Gb connections. The RIX upgrade will make general broadcasting of multimedia content in Iceland much easier. One customer, Símafélagið ehf. is already connected to RIX on 10 Gb.

The third gift to the Icelandic internet community will be the writing of the history of the internet in Iceland, which is planned to be published in 2014, around the time that registered .is domains will likely top 50.000. We kindly ask that those who have any material from the first years of the internet in Iceland please forward it to ISNIC for inclusion. Icelandic historian, Mr. Sumarliði R. Ísleifsson, is in charge of documenting the history.